Bridal Hair
  • Should I wash my hair on the day of the wedding?

It is best to work with clean hair and add product where needed instead of working with oily hair, so please wash your hair on the morning of your wedding day.

  • Will my hairstyle last throughout the day?

Definitely! I use professional products and set your hair with hairspray and pins. You don’t have to worry about your hair not looking perfect thoroughout the entire day.

  • What if I’m wearing a veil?

I will show you or your bridesmaids where to place the veil as well as how to remove it carefully.

  • Is there anything else I need to know to prepare my hair for my wedding day?

Please leave out all styling products, I will add these where required. AVOID using a GHD or similar straightener, just ensure that your hair has been thoroughly dried, as there will not be any extra time to dry hair on the wedding day. This does not include blow wave clients.

  • When should I have my hair cut & coloured before the wedding?

If you are doing an upstyle for your wedding my suggestion is not to cut your hair before the wedding. This will give you maximum lenght for the style we want to create. All colour services should be done between 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding.

  • When is the best time to have my hair trial?

Hair trials can be done at any time, however I do recommend that we schedule it for 1 month prior to the wedding date. This still allows time to make changes (cuts, colours, treatments) if necessary as discussed. I suggest that you book your makeup artist on the same day as your hair trial as this will give you a good idea of the comeplete look on your wedding day.

  • Can you create any hair style for me?

If your hair is long enough and the right thickness, it will be possible. Most upstyles require long hair to achieve the look. If your hair is not thick enough or is too short, we can achieve the style you want by using hair padding or hair extensions. When you come for your hair trial I will be able to consult you on the best style for your specific type of hair.

  • Are there any additional costs?

Only if we use extra hair padding or hair extensions. If hair padding is required to achieve your desired style then this would be an additional cost of R100-R150. The hair padding is yours to keep afterwards. If clip-in hair is required, for additional lenght prices can be discussed closer to your trial date.